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Our Story


Acuralle is the second brainchild of entrepreneur Tan Ee Leng, whose passion to find a solution for feet pain first led her to start a boutique specialising in comfort footwear.

Always intentional about seeking out better choices for herself and others, Acuralle's vision was birthed from Ee Leng's encounters and frustrations with the harsh effects of chemicals and at times irreversible side effects of beauty and medical aesthetics treatments.

This set her on another journey to study and discover a world of potent yet natural and safe ingredients, curating remedies that would truly restore healthy, beautiful skin and enhance personal wellness, whilst insisting on high-grade production methods and packaging that retain and preserve freshness and quality to every drop.

Ee Leng is intentional that every product Acuralle researches, develops and eventually presents to the customer must solve a modern day need and provides a real benefit, just like how she has conceived a better footwear solution. Hence, she decided to name the new brand "Acuralle" - which is an abbreviation of "a-cure-for-all", staying true to her promise of improving lives.