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Aloe Vera Gel

What is Aloe Vera?

The healing and nourishing properties of Aloe Vera has been known for centuries and written records of the plant date back as far as 6000 years. Cleopatra was said to have used Aloe Vera as part of her skin and beauty care and it was documented that Alexander the Great used Aloe juice to heal the war wounds of his warriors.

There are approximately 400 species of Aloe Vera plants, but it is the Aloe barbadensis miller, or “True Aloe”, that possesses the most remarkable healing properties. Produced by the unique and precise chemical compounding that takes place naturally in the plant, the Aloe barbadensis miller is like a living pharmaceutical laboratory with twenty amino acids, eight vitamins, eight minerals, enzymes and high amounts of polysaccharides including Acemannan which have powerful healing and health benefits.

Aloe Vera contains twenty of the twenty-two amino acids found in humans. It also has eight vitamins and eight minerals, besides enzymes and other potentially active ingredients beneficial to our health. Another crucial element found in the gel is a complex carbohydrate known as Acemannan, which allows nutrients to reach the cells to nourish and detoxify them.

The Acuralle Difference

Acuralle Aloe Vera Gel is the result of the best combination of nature and science and is an effective product of the highest quality. Great care and attention are taken in harvesting and processing of the Aloe Vera to ensure that the natural beneficial properties are retained in Acuralle Aloe Vera Gel. While the individual components in Aloe Vera has its own beneficial effects, these components may also work together in ways we still do not know to give Aloe Vera its amazing healing properties. This is why we work very hard to produce a gel that has all the natural beneficial characters intact.

1000+ Day Aloe

Mature plants have much higher amounts of the beneficial healing ingredients than young immature plants. Aloe plants takes three to five years to mature. Therefore only mature leaves of three years and older are harvested for Acuralle Aloe Vera Gel.

Therapeutic Grade

The high quality therapeutic grade of the Gel is the product of superior cutting edge processes achieved in a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved facility.

Optimised Supply Chain

Maximum freshness of the harvested Aloe leaves must maintained in order to retain the potency of the Aloe in the final product because the Aloe will oxidise and decompose once harvested. Therefore we control and optimise the supply chain to ensure this. 

Certified Organic

Only certified, organically grown, pesticide free Aloe Vera is used for production. Our aloe vera are from farms that are certified by the Chemical Free Farmers Association. 


Uses and Benefits


Sunburn, minor burns & cuts, abrasions, ulcers, mouth ulcers, bruises


Rashes, diaper rash, itch, insect bites, chafed nipples (nursing mothers)


Acne, pimples, blisters


Scars, stretch-marks

Other Uses

Natural UV protector, hair conditioner, after shave gel, non-greasy moisturiser

Acuralle's Special Tip

Add one or two drops of Acuralle Argan Oil to Acuralle Aloe Vera Gel for an enhanced moisturising effect on your skin!


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