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Works wonders! I work in a hospital and have been getting bad abrasions and breakouts on my face from having to wear a surgical mask 12 hours a day. I applied the aloe vera gel day and night for 2 weeks and it really cleared my skin - no more acne, no more peeling skin on my nose. It is truly a life saver and just what I needed :) Really amazing product and would definitely 10/10 recommend it because it works.


I accidentally burned my hand with boiling water while preparing meals! I put on the aloe vera gel immediately as that is all I can do for immediate home care... My burn subsided right away. In the following few days, I continued to put on the gel - and the healing effect is really amazing! In less than a week, my burn is healed and new skin re grow quickly. Very good products for each home ūüėäūüĎć


Perfect for my eczema! I've lived with eczema for many years and have been on the lookout for a natural remedy. Tried many different options and am glad that I discovered the something that works. This is the real thing! Highly recommended!


Eczema Life Saver! I have inflammation and eczema from frequent travelling, and my irregular schedule and sleep made it worse. Tried many products in the market but they just don't work. One day I decided to try Acuralle's Aloe Vera Gel on my flaking skin & scalp and miraculously, the redness soothed after 2-3 times! Definitely recommend to people looking for a natural and safe way to soothe off redness quickly and what's best is that it's not sticky to skin!

Kong Fern Chiang

Gentle enough for kids. This is indispensable in our home. I’m always turning to it to calm and soothe angry eczema patches or allergic response to products or mosquito bites for myself and my kids. It works well for our sensitive skin as it doesn’t contain other ingredients which irritate the skin.


Say goodbye to frizzy hair! I used it on my wispy frizzy (worst combi ever!) hair and I’m surprised that a mere few drops of Argan oil can tame the hair and not flatten it at the same time. Does not feel heavy on the hair. I also used it on my face before applying my face products to facilitate the absorption of the moisturizers. I’m so impressed at what this argan oil can do!


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Every drop of essence is precious, pure and packed with high concentration of nutrients

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Optimal production processes are chosen & conducted to maximise the quality of our products

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We draw on the goodness that abound in nature and apply on science ‚Äē unlocking and enhancing the nutritional, protective and other beneficial secrets of nature.¬†

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