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Argan Oil

What is Argan Oil?


Argan oil is extracted from the nut of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa) found exclusively in Morocco. Also known as “Liquid Gold”, argan oil has been recognised for its health-enhancing and anti-aging properties. The oil is highly valued for its cosmetic and health benefits. Scientists have now discovered that this exquisite oil is exceptionally rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, carotene, squalene, essential fatty acids.



The Acuralle Difference

Great care is taken to produce the highest quality of oil for your use and enjoyment. The extraction and production of Acuralle Argan Oil is eco-friendly as every part of the organic wild harvest is used. The semi-mechanised process to produce the Argan oil combines traditional know-how and modern technology resulting in a superior quality oil.

Processing of the oil takes place in a production plant with the highest standards possible.  However, every litre first requires two days of work at the hands of women who have learned the generational secret of preparing the raw product in harvesting, hand sorting and hand cracking the notoriously difficult to crack hard nut. Thus the manufacturing process ensures a high quality product and at the same time benefits the rural women of Morocco and their families, by providing a good means of livelihood for the community.

Traditionally, after the kernels are roasted and pressed into a paste, water is added to separate the oil from the thick liquid. However, introducing water increases the potential for bacteria in the oil. In order to achieve superior quality and longer shelf life for Acuralle Argan Oil, unroasted kernels are processed and machine pressed at a low temperature instead. Plus, this cold pressed method encourages greater retention of the naturally occurring Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.


Uses and Benefits

Acuralle Organic Argan Oil is natural, non-greasy and easily absorbed without leaving a residue. The properties of the oil make it especially good for hair and skin. Benefits include:


Antioxidant properties helps reduce visibility of wrinkles and improves elasticity of skin. Massage a few drops into face and neck before bed as a moisturiser and wake up to a youthful glow.

Conditions hair

Repairs split ends and gives a healthy shine. Rub a few drops between palms and apply to towel-dried hair, paying attention to the ends.  Massage a little into the scalp to promote healthy scalp and encourage hair growth.

Tames frizzy hair

Tames frizz and protects against heat of hair dryers, curlers and flat irons. Rub a few drops between palms and apply to towel-dried hair for softer, more manageable hair.

Relieves dry itchy scalp

Massage a little into scalp to moisturise and relief itch and dryness.

Strengthens nails

Conditions nails and moisturises cuticles. Dot a fraction of a drop on each nail and rub into the nail bed and cuticles.

Moisturises skin

Vitamin E and fatty acids in argan oil soothe and repair damaged skin. Rub one or two drops between palms and apply to face or other affected areas.

Relieves eczema

Anti-inflammatory properties helps relief symptoms and the moisturising effect improves comfort. Rub one or two drops into affected area.

Prevents stretch marks

Vitamins A and E help rejuvenate and moisturise skin, improves  skin elasticity prevents formation of stretch marks. Warm a few drops in the palms of hands and rub into potential problem areas.

Gentle enough for infants

Ideal as a massage oil and  for preventing diaper rash and soothing cradle cap. Gently rub a small amount onto skin. As Argan oil is edible and nutritious, there is no cause for worry if baby ingests some unintentionally.  

Miron Violet Glass Bottles

Acuralle’s commitment to quality does not stop with the production of superior quality oil.  We also ensure that the quality of oil is well preserved so that you can enjoy its benefits fully. Thus, we use Miron Violet glass bottles instead of ordinary coloured or clear glass. Miron is an exceptionally high quality glass that works like a natural filter to keep out the harmful effect of light, offering optimal protection against the aging processes caused by visible light. This results in extended shelf life and effectiveness of your Argan oil so that it is good to the last drop.


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